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Arbor Update

Arbor Hosting has just put all the Webby people on a brand new server with all the features from before and some added ones!! With 10 GIG of space for the same price as was 50 megs..!!!

Arbor's hosting systems are Linux-based and the usual services are provided: sendmail, POP3, IMAP, mail forwarding, email aliasing and forwarding

They allow you to install your own scripts and have no restrictions on file sizes. Full CGI access, Perl5, PHP5, SSI, MING, RFI...

FTP access

Webalizer traffic statistics

Arbor's hosting system is designed to be more hacker-proof than most of the other hosting providers that cater to the MSNTV community.
Each website is "sandboxed" so that if one site is hacked through a script, the other sites will not be accessible by that hacker.
This also means that even if you mistakenly make your files chmod 777, your files are safe from other users on the same server.
While no server is 100% hacker proof, Arbor feels confident enough about the security model of their hosting system to allow unlimited scripting capabilities, while most other MSNTV hosting providers do not.

On line FM for MSNTV (request) Features:
  • No click-in expanding edit box.
  • Total FM features accessibility within edit.
  • Directory and /or File Mover
  • PDF reader
  • Image Magick
  • IMagick
  • Vidcap Uploader
  • Color-grabber
  • Zip and gzip
  • Search and Replace for Edit
  • Directory Search and Replace
  • File Finder
  • Resizer
  • Tube to jpg Converter

Customizable 410/403/404/500 error pages

Awesome email technical support.

FREE domain registration and renewal of com/net/org/biz/us/info domain name included with the purchase of a hosting plan

$9.95/month for 10 GIG.... No setup fee Monthly billing when paid by credit card Paypal and checks accepted when paid quarterly.

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