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Full Version: 2008 with Sally
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I recently discovered that I had sent mail back to 2008 in my email account. I found a lot of emails with Sally. Sally and I had known each other for a few years by this time. Reading through them is quite nostalgic about the webTV days. The emails show Sally's spirit in how she loved to teach and learn. Some of you may have had similar communications with Sally. Anyway, I thought that I would share them, as I upload them to my server. These are from 2008, and most are between Sally and myself, and there are a couple of times when Josh or Byron joined the conversation.

Thanks for posting these emails Linda!
Nostalgic indeed!
I'll be posting more over time, as I upload and format them. I've also got the Talk PHP archives. So we'll have some memories of the good ole days. .I thought you all would appreciate them...don't care how personal they might get, got nothing to hide.
Thanks, Linda. Wish now I'd saved mine. Who knew?
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