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Access Your Webtv Mail From a Computer

This is great when going on vacation. As long as you have access to the internet, you can keep up with your Webtv email.

Setting up your Webtv Unit

* First, you need to tell your Webtv box, to let loose of your email, when you ask it to! LOL

* Go to Webtvs home page, and click on "setting".

* Then click on "mail".

* Now choose "remote mail"

* and last, click on "remote msn tv mail".

* Follow the instructions, by choosing a password.

* Check mark the box, to allow remote access.

* Be sure you write down your password and the information given to you on the next screen. (your POP username and the POP server name). You'll need these to gain access to your web mail.

* Now click on done.

As long as you carry the info above with you, you can access your webmail from any PC.

Accessing your web account from the PC

If you dont have a YahooMail account, you'll need to get one. This is how you will get your Webtv mail.

* Login to your YahooMail account, and click on "options".

* Click on "check other (pop) mail".

* Click "add mail server".

* For Mail Account Server, type in pop.webtv.net

* Mail Account Username, type in your Webtv username.

* Mail Account Password, type in the password you chose, when setting up your webtv to allow remote access.

* Leave the port number how it is.

* Choose the folder you want your Webtv Mail to go to, when you pull it in.

* You'll probably want to uncheck the box saying "Leave mail on server".

* The other 2, are your choice.

* Click on "okay".

To pull your webtv mail into your YahooMail account, you'll need to be in your Inbox, and you'll click on "Check other mail".

Thats all there is to it!